Wealth & Prosperity

Being deprived of wealth or not making any progress on the front of finance in your life may be the outcome of your past bad Karma or possible connection of your luck to the malefic planet in your kundali. Consultation with a renowned astrologer and pundit can surely help you get to the bottom of the reasons for your financial plight. Puja dedicated to wealth is a wise recommendation that is often suggested as an important remedy to dispel financial problems in your life and attain long-term prosperity without any trouble.
The report, based on your planetary dasa, gives tips to attain fortunes and tells you the favourable periods to make potential investments. It suggests you the suitable profession on income basis and foretells the money flow. You can have your own financial forecast and get remedies for possible financial challenges.

Wealth Ask a Question Detailed

Are your big plans for Wealth Creation NOT working?
Have your plans hit unexpected expenses? Do they get derailed each time by some unanticipated financial shock? Your Personal Horoscope can clearly indicate the causes behind these disturbances…

The REAL Reason
We will help you find the root-cause behind the disturbances that may be blocking your wealth creation plans. This bottoms-up approach will help you correct the situation in the best possible manner. ǃ

Do you feel pained by the problems that are constantly troubling you ? We have the expertise to help you solve them. Get remedial solutions from us and become happier in life.
• Price: Rs.1000.00*
• Delivery : 72 Hours

Personalized Stock Market Report

Stock Markets and You! Are you lucky?
If you wish to loads of money in the stock markets – this is the most wholesome service for you! We will tell you about your potential, the astrological Houses and Yoga for stock markets, as well as how the planets will affect your investments in the year to come.

Complete Analysis
Helping you tap in your internal potential – Should you trade in the financial markets? What strategy and sector would suit you the best? Know it all! A thorough analysis of your Birth Chart will help us bring you unique insights.

Each Day Matters!!
Manage the external influences – To help you further, we will bring you great insights about the entire year ahead, micro-dasha analysis, fortune days, good and bad opening days and more such vital information for whole year ahead.
• Price: Rs. 10000.00*
• Delivery : 72 Hours

Wealth Report 1 Year

What kind of financial ups and downs await you in the next 12 months? Find and Save!
Wealth creation does not happen overnight. It is an ongoing process that requires long-term vision and strategic planning. For best results ensure that your plans are in sync with your Horoscope.

Quarter-wise Planning
Our Reports are provided in a quarter-wise format for each financial year. This shall help you micro-plan your each move, so they are in tune with the planetary events – pleasant or unpleasant – affecting your Wealth prospects.

Enhance your Wealth
By using our Astro-Advice and Remedial Solutions to your advantage, you can reduce the ill-effects of possible financial shocks. This will increase manifold your chances of accumulating wealth and becoming richer.
• Price: Rs.1500.00*
• Delivery : 72 Hours

Favorable time to buy/sell

When it’s about property deals, TIMING is everything!
Whatever is your agenda, buying or selling, you would want to earn maximum returns when it comes to your property deals. We will help you find the best and the most favourable time for closing your deal – basis your Horoscope.

Seal the Deal!
Waiting for long? Confused? Find out the best time-frames for property deals – as per your Personal Horoscope – and utilize the favorable time to heighten your efforts and seal the best deals. ǃ

Reduce Hassles!
Finding the best property deals can be a very tiresome process. Yet, rushing is never an option. By employing the suggested remedial solutions – that will be in sync with your Stars – shall considerably clear your path, helping you conclude your deals.
• Price: Rs. 1000.00*
• Delivery : 72 Hours

Note:* All Prices Are Exclusive Of Taxes.