Personal Life

The main purpose of this Life Report is Future Planning. This is the area where the utility of our Detailed Life Astrology Report stands out in gallant assistance. In future planning all differences areas — marriage, love, children, wealth, health, foreign traveling, education, buying/selling property/vehicle, profession and are being taken up to highlight the Utility of our Life Report.
A very clear & detailed report about how your life would progress in the years to come. This report is prepared as a narrative on how events would take place chronologically in your life based on various factors such as your outlook in life, Career, Love / Marriage, Money matters, Family & Children, health etc.

Personal Ask a Question – Detailed Advice

Share your personal problems with us…We are your friend, astrologer and guide!
A personal problem causing you pain? Trust us for a solution! We will bring you a clear answer basis your Horoscope – absolutely applicable and relevant to your life.

Share and Understand
Work on the foundation itself! Look at your life from a new perspective with deeper insights about your life basis your Personal Horoscope. Get absolute clarity and peace of mind.

Address and Resolve.
Once you understand your situation and the future possibilities, you shall be in a better position to take your decisions. This will help you resolve your problems and move ahead in life.
• Price: Rs.1000.00*
• Delivery : 72 Hours

Chart your Destiny

Are you using your natural strengths to your advantage?
Each one of us is gifted in our own unique way! Use your gifts to the fullest to lead a successful and fulfilling life. We will help you discover your best talents.

Embrace your Destiny!
Know what destiny holds for you, what are its plans and more. By aligning your goals with your destiny and inherent talents, you will be poised to become a winner.

Fulfill your Dreams
Once you know yourself like never-before, what can stop you from finding the success of your dreams? Nothing! And, whatever challenges lie ahead can be reduced too, if you employ our suggested remedial measures.
• Price: Rs.1500.00*
• Delivery : 72 Hours

Intimate Affairs

Secrets that you can’t share with anyone troubling you?
You can tell us! We will ensure that your secrets remain as they are – 100% Confidential – but shall bring you clear answers, basis your Horoscope.

Remain Anonymous
We understand that these are delicate matters, and you would not want to divulge everything. Hence, our expert Astrologers allows you to remain anonymous. They can create your Horoscope basis only your Birth Details. ǃ

Breathe Easy!
Sometimes, it’s just about getting a different perspective. And, in this case what you get is an unbiased, completely reliable, your Personal Horoscope based view. The direction that you get shall certainly make your life easier.
• Price: Rs. 1000.00*
• Delivery : 72 Hours

Talk to an Astrologer – NOW

There’s nothing better than Speaking Live to an Astrologer
No waiting, no confusions, no channels and no worries…You speak directly to our expert Astrologer who sees, analyses and answers – Instantly!

Privacy Guaranteed!
Call our Astrologers from the convenience and privacy of your space. Unload your burdens and get absolute clarity without any fear – your secrets are 100% safe with us.

Your Personal Astrologer!
Choose to get in touch with the same Astrologer, your preferred one, each time you call us. So, you have a Personal Astrologer, at no extra cost, who knows your life and Horoscope like no one else.
• Price: Rs. 500.00*
• Delivery : 72 Hours

Note:* All Prices Are Exclusive Of Taxes.