Numerology is any belief in the divine or mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events. It is also the study of the numerical value of the letters in words, names and ideas. It is often associated with the paranormal, alongside astrology and similar divinatory arts.

With Our Numerology: Know about yourself, Know Your Specialty and Carve Yourself a Niche, Know What Your Expression Number Says. Because when you know yourself, you can win evey battle of your life. Numerology helps you exactly in this mission.

Daily Numerology Of 1

One of your friends could be in trouble and you will go all out to help. A spiky and competitive approach enables you to get ahead of the pack. You meet struggle to your ideas. Persevere. It will take a lot of doing to conquer those who oppose your proposals. There is a widening gap in your relationship with your loved one; you need to work at it to tie closer.

Your lucky number is 6 and your lucky colour is Golden Brown.

Weekly Numerology Of 1

When situations of a growing nature arise, you are the first one to take charge and rise to the occasion. With your keen sense of judgment and understanding, you have always been able to turn adversaries into favorable situations. And today will be no different. Your heightened creativity this week will help you come out of a difficult situation today. At work or at home, you may be faced with a difficult situation. It could be related to a pending task at work or some misunderstanding being blown out of proportion. Trust your instincts and do what you think is right. In the end, things will be back to normal and happiness will prevail.

Daily Numerology Of 2

A very satisfactory day at home. Insecurity prevails during the day. Your health is not at its usual peak; take it easy. There is money to be made on the stock market. Your relationship develops into something special.

Your lucky number is 4 and your lucky colour is Royal Blue.

Weekly Numerology Of 2

Successes and failures are a part of life and you should not allow one incident to affect your future. You had been improperly harsh on yourself, when all you needed to do was to have faith. Just forget the past and start life afresh with a smile on your face. Astrovedant astrologers advise you to take all your decisions after much thought, as this is the time when your intellectual output would be the highest. Whatever you do, will bring you satisfaction.

Daily Numerology Of 3

You are right on top of things at this time. Make the most of it. An array of mixed feelings overwhelms you today. An eye problem could become worrisome; seek medical advice. You are tense and restless as business related problems seem to knock continuously at your door. Your partner satisfies not only your physical, but emotional and intellectual needs as well.

Your lucky number is 9 and your lucky colour is Saffron.

Weekly Numerology Of 3

Your attention turns from the ordinary to the more intellectually stimulating aspects of life. Today you find yourself wondering about the purpose of your life. An important person you may meet may further feed your desire to find out what is it that you are really meant to do. This soul searching and introspection is all good, as long as you do not let it infest your mind. Do not take it too far, in case it turns into an obsession, advise astrovedant astrologers, which is certainly what you wouldn't want.

Daily Numerology Of 4

You will meet new people who can provide you with valuable information. You are involved in the pursuit of knowledge today and are surrounded by books all day. Damage to your land or property is indicated. The share market yields good profits after the recent uncertain phase. You can strengthen your relationship by being around when you are needed most.

Your lucky number is 6 and your lucky colour is Cream.

Weekly Numerology Of 4

Your week will be full of surprising events, some of which will leave you shocked and some of which will bring you a lot of happiness. Changes will only make things more exciting for you. A special person might ask you to spend more time with them. This may indicate that they are genuinely interested in taking this relationship forward. On the flip side, someone who presents a rosy picture of a not so perfect scenario will try to trick you. You will, however, be able to read between the lines and know the real motive of this person.

Daily Numerology Of 5

Optimism and self-confidence drive the day forward. A feeling of dependence pervades throughout the day. It does not take much to calm down your rivals at this time. This could be just the time to make that bold business move with your foreign client. Matters of the heart will be resolved now.

Your lucky number is 15 and your lucky colour is Rosy Brown.

Weekly Numerology Of 5

You have been exceptionally busy for the past few days, and your partner may have been feeling a bit ignored. Use the week ahead to make up for lost time and plan something special. You can charm the birds out of the trees if you want; how difficult can it be to cheer your sweetheart up? A fun outing with your friends and sweetheart will be the perfect way to make this week a memorable one. You will focus on personal bonds and that will certainly bring you contentment and happiness, say astrovedant astrologers. Working round the clock and not finding work-home balance is a big no-no for you around this time.

Daily Numerology Of 6

An important project is likely to encounter hurdles. Be patient. You take a deep interest in arts, literature and music today. Lock your doors carefully; better to be safe than sorry. There could be a difference of opinion with your boss. Vibes with your partner and siblings are cool and distant.

Your lucky number is 2 and your lucky colour is Pink.

Weekly Numerology Of 6

The cosmic energies this week urge you to release those bottled up emotions; don’t be afraid of exposing your vulnerable side. You had to make some tough choices in the past, but now that you have, you must put it all behind you and move on. Spend some time with that special person in your life. Pouring your heart out will help you relax and calm down. Your day may not have begun on a happy note but it will definitely end on one; a special surprise by your sweetheart in the evening will perk you up.

Daily Numerology Of 7

You unexpectedly recover something you lost a while ago. You are involved in the pursuit of knowledge today and are surrounded by books all day. This is a good time to acquire a new home or car. You make considerable monetary gains and earn an enviable professional reputation. Your relationship with your partner or someone you are seeing takes a turn for the better.

Your lucky number is 4 and your lucky colour is Indigo.

Weekly Numerology Of 7

With everything working in your favour, the advantage lies with you to make the most of the positive energies this week. Communication related activities such as dealing with people spike your interest. You climb the social ladder and are able to express your ideas and opinions easily. On the downside there is also the probability of you jumping onto multiple affairs. You get bored quickly and want to move onto things and people who are interesting and unique. Refrain from gossiping about people in the workplace.

Daily Numerology Of 8

Friends and relatives are very warm and come forward to help you in your hour of need. Your generous lifestyle and flamboyance impresses your peers today. Keep your wits about you; make sure you don`t lose anything important. You benefit from acquaintances, particularly the opposite sex. You spend lavishly on sensual pleasures.

Your lucky number is 11 and your lucky colour is Pink.

Weekly Numerology Of 8

Money is not important for leading a happy life, love is. In your quest for success you have ignored your personal relationships, which may be the reason why you are now feeling a certain kind of void in your life. Spending time with friends and family will rejuvenate you. Moral values inculcated in you by your family are what has kept you grounded and you wouldn’t want to do anything that is in direct conflict with them. Cunning people are all around us, you have to keep your conscience clear and free of negative thoughts to deal with such individuals. On the career front, a lucrative job might tempt you to leave your organization. Personally, an old flame is likely to make an appearance in your life.

Daily Numerology Of 9

Authority figures help to boost your career prospects. You are in a flamboyant mood today. Your adversaries would love to put you in bad light; you can not be too careful today. Interpersonal problems at the workplace may be the cause for depression. Romance is in the air, and you could meet someone special.

Your lucky number is 17 and your lucky colour is White.

Weekly Numerology Of 9

As your focus shifts from having fun to concentrating on your goals, you become a bit gloomy and detached. However, too much brooding is not good for you, you need to strike a balance between enjoying life and working hard; too much of anything will not do you any good. Professionally, your sincerity and hard work will be much appreciated. A colleague who has just been promoted might try to make you jealous. Remember, you are no less and even though it might seem tempting to get into an argument, it is best avoided. At home, some minor issue might get blown out of proportion due to your apparent callousness. So be extra careful.