Marriage & Children

It is said that marriages are made in heaven. But are you sure that the one you want to spend your life with or already spending your life with is the special one made for you? It is in your hands to find out whether he or she is the one destined for you i.e. whether you are choosing Mr. Right or Ms. Right for yourself or not. If you choose the right partner, life seems to be a cakewalk. But if your selection is wrong, it can even shatter the charm and the zest of life. Astrology can help you in taking the right decision. It can tell you if you are compatible with a person, whether you should embark the life journey with that person or not and what future holds for two of you as a couple. And in case you are already married and facing problems in your marital life, what you should do in order to get out of the hot waters.

Couple Analysis

Are you ‘really’ compatible with your partner?
The strength of a couple’s relationship depends on making necessary adjustments to ensure that individual differences are managed maturely. That can only happen if know about the differences in the first place. We can tell.

See clearly
Get to know all about your compatibility equation and the positives and negatives in your relationship. This will bring you a clearer perspective and help you take better decisions.

Basis your Horoscopes, we will suggest remedial solutions that will help reduce stress and pain in your relationship, by lessening ill-effects of negative planetary influences.
• Price: Rs. 1500.00*
• Delivery : 72 Hours

Re-Marriage Prospects

There is always a next time!
Life never stops, and neither should you! We will help you make a fresh start in life by letting you know your prospects for marrying again.

Give life a Second Chance
Your Horoscope will help us tell you clearly about your prospects for re-marrying, important time-frames and about your probable spouse.

Boost your Chances!
Once you get a clear picture, we will help you further by providing you with remedial solutions to reduce delays and increase your chances of finding marital bliss.
• Price: Rs. 1500.00*
• Delivery : 72 Hours

Marriage Ask a Question

Want a straightforward answer to a confusing marriage-related issue?
Marriage woes making you anxious? We can bring you clear-cut guidance on your marriage issues. Ask us.

Get a clear answer!
Sometimes, life’s too complicated, and all you want is a clear resolution. We will bring you a straight answer, so you know what’s right for you and your marriage.

Reduce struggle
Basis your Horoscope, we will suggest practical remedial solutions, which shall help you address and solve your problems and confusions.
• Price: Rs. 500.00*
• Delivery : 72 Hours

Your Child’s Astrology Profile

Everything about your child’s personality and future…revealed!
Know your child as you would want to – COMPLETELY! Your child’s personal Horoscope will let us bring you vital insights about his/ her life, future, talents and destiny.

Natural gifts?
We will tell you about your child’s inherent talents and strengths, as well as weak spots – something that will enable you to make the most of the opportunities for your child.

Be a better parent.
This detailed information about your child will help you be a wonderful and informed parent, so you will know what’s best for your child, and at what time you need to be extra-sensitive.
• Price: Rs. 1000.00*
• Delivery : 72 Hours

Note:* All Prices Are Exclusive of Taxes