Zodiac signs have destined love matches that are indicated to form highly compatible matches as per astrological resources available on these signs. Water signs get along well with likeminded people and similar is the case with air, fire or earth signs. Opposites attract too! But getting insights into how well you get along with another sign and what to expect in terms of love can be more helpful than you think. The difficulty of dating a Scorpio man can only be understood by those who have been through the innumerable tests and unexplained silences these men are capable of. Aries is impulsive and will not hang around to witness how deep your thoughts are. They live in the now and it is the present that is most important to them. Taurus are very loyal in love and they expect the same in return from their partners. Libran women are as charming as they come and nobody represents femininity better than a Libran. Leo will grab the spotlight no matter what the competition and when dating this sign, be sure to take them to fine places to wine and dine. They have expensive tastes and luxury appeals to them. Pisces will do anything to remain in a secure relationship. Get more such astrological insights to understand your zodiac lover’s thoughts, personality, emotions and desires. Love astrology readings can help you take your relationship to another level and you will experience happiness like never before.

Your Romantic Personality

How are you in love? What is your romantic personality like?
It might be an interesting idea to find out more about the romantic side of your personality. After all, love is the one ingredient that makes life worth living.

Get a pleasant surprise!
Yes! There may be insights buried deep inside your natural persona that only your Birth Chart can reveal. Get to know what makes you irresistible and charismatic.

Know yourself inside out!
Armed with deep insights about your romantic personality, you shall be better able to understand your own ideals of love, your expectations in love and more.
• Price: Rs. 1000.00*
• Delivery : 72 Hours

Attraction in Love

Have you not found love yet?
Love is realization, love is magic and love is life! Not finding it can be frustrating. We can increase your chances of finding love!

What’s your love potential?
A thorough reading of your Horoscope shall help our experts reveal what love prospects you have, when and how you shall experience love.

The roadblocks – identified!
The analysis of your Birth Chart shall help us clearly identify which negative influences may be blocking your way to the attainment of love. And, you can take corrective action, from thereon.
• Price: Rs.1000.00*
• Delivery : 72 Hours

Consult with Astrovedant Astrologer

There’s nothing better than Speaking Live to an Astrologer
No waiting, no confusions, no channels and no worries…You speak directly to our Astrovedant expert Astrologer who sees, analyses and answers – Instantly!

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Call our Astrologers from the convenience and privacy of your space. Unload your burdens and get absolute clarity without any fear – your secrets are 100% safe with us.

Your Personal Astrologer!
Choose to get in touch with the same Astrologer, your preferred one, each time you call us. So, you have a Personal Astrologer, at no extra cost, who knows your life and Horoscope like no one else.
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Love Ask 3 Questions

Complications in love giving you sleepless nights?
Has the beautiful feeling of love left you distressed? Breathe easy; you have already initiated the path of resolution! Your Horoscope can be a perfect mirror to your life and future, when it’s about love. We will analyze it deeply to bring you the answers!

Get Answers!
When the delicate matters of love are involved, the analysis has to be extremely thorough – the decisions can be life-altering. We will go an extra mile to ensure that the answers you get are just perfect – basis the planetary picture in your Horoscope.

Get Direction
Armed with the answers – that are in sync with your Birth Chart – and knowledge about your future, you shall be able to take decisions that would help you lead a happier and more fulfilling life. You will feel calmer and more in-control!
• Price: Rs. 1500.00*
• Delivery: 72 Hours

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