Career Report

The Career report from will provide you the insight to your horoscope’s planetary combinations, the positions and the complete analysis of the Dasha period, identifying the time of rise, instant gratification, changes, periods of stress and pressures, downfall, cheatings, demotions etc.
All the important happenings in ones career job can be known by the thorough analysis of the Horoscope/Birth chart. The career report if used well can be very helpful in taking the major decisions in life in regards to all the career making decisions. Problems in Job can also be minimized with the help of specific remedies in Vedic Astrology.

The Career report will be prepared manually by our expert astrologer using the Vedic astrology calculations. The Career report prepared for you will consist of analysis of the relevant divisional charts and the analysis and timing of the events by using Vimshottari Dasha System. This Career astrology report will provide you the complete analysis of the horoscope related to career and the things related to which will be coming your way in the future. The Report will also provide the chart which will give you instant glance to the period of ups & downs the highs & the lows the good & the bad etc. You can take the help of this chart to channelize your dreams & make the full use of the good phases of your life and to taste success early in your life.

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Get logical, straight solutions…in tune with your Stars!
Basis your inputs about your issue, we will analyze your Horoscope to suggest the best course for you. Success shall, then, follow you!

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Don’t delay action, when it comes to your business, or you may lose on precious opportunities. Act now, and get this clear-cut and highly personalized answer.

Make a better choice
Find what planetary influences are creating struggle and confusion in your business. A clear indication about the future shall help you steer clear of conflict and take better decisions.
• Price: Rs. 500.00*
• Delivery : 72 Hours

Career Ask a Question – Detailed Advice

Not progressing in your career? We can help
If you are feeling restricted and suffocated in your career, this is the right choice for you. Our astrologers can do a micro-analysis of your horoscope and provide remedial solutions to supercharge your career.

Lot of pain and still no gain
There is a tough time in everyone’s life when you work very hard but are not rewarded equally. Remedial solutions provided in this report can lessen the pain and increase the gain.

What next in your career?
Making the right decision at the right time is very important for building a successful career. We can provide a comprehensive idea about your future, there by helping you take the next step with confidence.
• Price: Rs.1000.00*
• Delivery : 72 Hours

Business Ask A Question – Detailed Advice

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A business decision gone wrong? Would you have made a different choice, had you known its consequences in advance? We promise, you will never suffer from such a regret again!

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The astrological analysis of your situation will bring forth a clear-cut, reliable answer to your business issue. You will get a direction, and hence shall be in a better position to take your decisions.

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Make us a part of your business strategy! Back up all your business decisions with fair, unbiased astrological advice to ensure continuous business success.
• Price: Rs. 2500.00*
• Delivery : 72 Hours

Career Ask A Question

Working hard without rewards? Ask us!
Basis your inputs about your work-life, we will analyze your Personal Horoscope to see what’s blocking your path to career glory. We will also suggest the ways, so you get the career success you deserve.

Absolute clarity
Decisions looming? Not sure about the one that will be right for your career and future? We will analyze your Horoscope, and help you make the best choice.

There is always a solution, waiting to be picked up and applied. We will bring you 100% personalized, relevant remedial solutions that will solve your Career issues.
• Price: Rs.500.00*
• Delivery : 72 Hours

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