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Know what are the and challenges ahead in professional life as per natal chart. Our astrologers analyze your natal chart, planetary impact on your life & guide you all the difficulties and to manifest your core better.

What Will You Get?

  • Highlights of your birth
  • Overall career prediction for 1/3/5 Year
  • Your natal affinity to , motivation and preference of path as per your
  • Competence and career highlights per your birth chart.
  • Career milestones as per transit and Dasha system
  • Karmic introspection with respect your career.
  • Answers to your specific concern
  • Astrological Remedies to enhance professional potentials.

Career Report - 1

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Career Report - 3

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Career Report - 5

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It is very important have a stable and contented professional life. It you to grow and your desired professional goals than you think. Whether are a matured professional, at a secured designation good salary and receiving growth, looking forward for in same or wish know your chances of in some other profession, might be having lots career concerns. Or you feeling that everything going in your personal and life, but can Astrology the favorable time period success or betterment of current profession. Avail Career that acts as a for you with respect your career in future., you are an experienced at peak of your , every step you take your professional life matters, it’s in your current or you choose to to any other position/profession. obviously have to look family responsibilities and associated factors. In such situations, astrology can help you in the right path. astrologers will take into your qualification, current profession, designation to judge astrologically suitable professional field, whether should go for a -, Business or a Profession.

What are the Chances promotion/Rise in status with job? Are you not to progress? Should you your current job? What future prospects on career? get a clear road to all the Opportunities challenges for your professional and bring down all obstacles in the upfront your Career Report.

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