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At Astrovedant.

we take the of the information you us very seriously. This demonstrates our firm commitment our privacy policy. Please this carefully to understand we use any information provide us at www.astrovedant.com .

  • Astrovedant guarantees confidentiality of our member's , horoscope details and the details.
  • Astrovedant further that no direct or use will be made Astrovedant about any of life, as revealed the horoscope of a , except for the explicit of communicating the horoscope and predictions back to member.
  • We do not sell rent your personally identifiable to anyone.
  • We allow members to their user profiles and information, as they deem.

Since new items will added to our services we modify and expand, would suggest you to the website on a basis in order to how we treat your. If we decide to our privacy policy, we post those changes on page so that you always aware of what information we collect, how use it and under circumstances we disclose it. continued use of the will constitute your acknowledgment our Privacy Policy.

This document is rather because we want to our users all the about our privacy policy. items below provide an to the information that :

What personal information do collect?

Registration Data

During membership registration, Astrovedant collects personal information including name, gender, email address, current hometown and birth information including your time birth. This information is strictly to generate your horoscopes online. Your email is used to identify unique birth data record the database, since an address is always unique has no duplicates. You not have to provide personal information to use Astro services. However, if choose not to become member of Club Astrovedant, we may not be to provide you with of the other services upon the collection of information, such as your free predictions.

Through Log Files

Our server and statistics capture information to gather demographic information that is personal. We track the address of visitors to site to find out which parts of the our traffic comes from. collect browser types used access times to analyze , administer the site, track movements within the site find out what services most appealing. All of information is used for broad demographic data to the performance and services the site.

Through Order Forms

For our paid personalized , we basically gather the needed for fulfillment of service. This is held strict confidence, as explained. We guarantee complete confidentiality our member's identity, horoscope and the prediction details. Astro Ltd. further guarantees no direct or indirect will be made by Astro about any aspect life, as revealed in horoscope of a member, for the explicit purpose communicating the horoscope charts predictions back to the .

For payment of paid services, we use independent secure server companies, Card USA for International and Pay seal of Bank Ltd. for Indian cards. Your credit card, as well as your for address verification is by this company on website and Astrovedant has no access to information.

Other information that we collect

Any other information we have for you, comes actual email or other you may have made us in regard to services or products. As general rule, these are made part of your profile, and are used to address your specific or concern that you have communicated to us . Although we give you option to tell your about our site, we not monitor or keep record of friends you contact. Information gathered on “Affiliate with Us”, is primarily for a Business-to-Business and to encourage inquiries other web sites that be interested in obtaining Astrology content for their site. Information from “Advertise Us” similarly is used generate interest in other or companies that may to purchase banner advertising our site.